Hard-start kits utilizing 3-wire method & surge protectors.

Wireless vacuum gauges, hoses, and analyzers.

Flex duct systems.

Portable leak detectors, analyzers, & refrigerant pumps.

HVAC & plumbing brackets, straps & hangers, pipe clamps, & stud guards.

Fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood systems.

DiversiTech: HVAC, plumbing, & electrical supplies, general supplies, and pads. 

Fresh-Aire UV: Ultraviolet air and coil disinfection to improve IAQ in residential and commercial applications.

B-vent, chimney liners, grilles, registers, & diffusers.

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.

Residential & light-commercial wall & roof vents, dampers, & caps.

Commercial & residential room air conditioners, mini-splits, PTACs, VPAKs & portables.

High quality duct sealing tapes, mastics, adhesives, duct hardware & accessories.

Brazing alloy and equipment.

Full line manufacturer of line sets; including plain-end, ductless, pre-insulated and fully assembled products.

Louvers, dampers, access doors, & roof curbs.

RenewAire: Energy Recovery Ventilators and DOAS products with static plate cores for residential and commercial applications.

Soler&Palau: Residential and commercial exhaust & supply fans and ERVs.

Reflective duct insulation products

HVAC/R components: timers, temp. controls & igniters.

Control wire and mini-split cable

Electric cabinet & baseboard heaters, heating cables, & thermostats.

Unit heaters, duct furnaces, indirect & direct fired make up air units.

HVAC valves, filters, and protection devices.

Electric duct heaters, humidifiers, make-up air units, and boilers.

Trion: Air Bear air filtration systems, air filters, and residential humidifiers.

Koch: IAQ products: residential humidifiers & filters. 

Nitrogen purge regulators.